ConCert Board Review

How The ConCert Board Review Course Works page

The ConCert Board Review Course consists of 40 lectures - view/listen to them in any order you choose, or feel free to focus certain topics. You have access to the course for one year from date of purchase, and your expiration date can always be found on the lecture list page.

The course includes a 195 question sample ConCert exam, which also serves as the CME exam. You may begin this exam at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the lecture list page. You may stop the exam at any point and your answers will be saved. So, you are free to answer some questions, and then return to the lectures. You also have access at any time to a PDF file of all 195 questions. The link is located on the same page as the start of the online sample ConCert exam. After you successfully complete the sample ConCert/CME exam, you will have access to a PDF file of all of the questions with the correct answers highlighted.

You will have three attempts to pass the sample ConCert/CME exam. A passing grade is 70%. After each attempt, you will be able to view your percentage of correct answers in each topic area so you can determine your strengths and weaknesses as you continue to prepare for the actual ABEM exam. Since you have access to the program for one year, you must complete the course for CME credit within this timeframe.

After passing the CME exam, you will be prompted to complete a brief exit survey, after which your CME certificate will appear immediately in the CME tracker.