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Conference/Lecture Lecturer  
MCEP 2014 Critical Care Practice in the ED (January 16, 2014)
Trauma: Damage Control Resuscitation Victor Caba, MD
Team STEPPS in the Critical Care Environment Patrick Pettengill, MD
When Bad Things Happen to Good Kids Lee Benjamin, MD
Post Cardiac Arrest Care, Sans Hypothermia Brian J. O'Neil, MD
ECMO Applications for the Emergency Department Kyle Gunnerson, MD
Updates in Sepsis Emanuel Rivers, MD
Update on Calcium Channel Blocker Toxicity Keenan Bora, MD
Management of Pediatric Sepsis Prashant Mahajan, MD
Anticoagulant Emergencies Ronny Otero, MD
Stroke Management in the Emergency Department Christopher Lewandowski, MD
Traumatic Brain Injury – What Can We Do in the ED? Robert Welch, MD
High Dose Nitrates in Acute Heart Failure Phillip D. Levy, MD
Optimizing Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest Robet Neumar, MD
Playing with Compressed Air: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Robert Sherwin, MD
The 2013 Crashing Patient Conference (October 29-30, 2013)
AMA and Refusals: Potential Legal Disasters Larry Weiss, MD, JD
Updates in ACS: Bypasses and Stents Ben Lawner, DO
Little Kids, Big Mistakes: Pediatric Resuscitation Pitfalls Mimi Lu, MD
Stroke Updates – Things You've Gotta Know! Mike Abraham, MD
The Latest Resuscitation Drugs: New Hope or Marketing Hype? Bryan Hayes, PharmD
Legal Case Disasters: Learn From Our Mistakes Rhamin Ligon, MD
Rocuronium Rocks, Succinylcholine Sux! Ken Butler, DO
Angioedema: Your Worst Airway Nightmare Gentry Wilkerson, MD
Deadly Dogma in EM Michael Bond, MD
Read ‘Em or Weep! Critical Care Literature Update Mike Winters, MD
Cardiac Arrest 2013: Push it Good, Push it Real Good! Ben Lawner, DO
When Good VAS's go bad Mike Winters, MD
Cardiogenic Shock Supporting the Broken Heart Semhar Tewelde, MD
Rapid Atrial Fibrillation: CCB, BB, Procainamide or 200J? Laura Bontempo, MD
Coronary CT Angiography Jenn Chang, MD
Let Me Tell You About a Case I Saw Ali Farzad, MD
PE: The 7 Steps to Enlightenment Rob Rogers, MD
More than Just Morning Sickness: Critical Illness in Pregnancy Haney Mallemat, MD
The Slowly Crashing Tamponade Haney Mallemat, MD
CAEP 2013 Annual Conference (June 2 - June 5, 2013)
ACS in the Elderly: When Traditional Teaching Falls Short Amal Mattu, MD
ECGs: SVT and Wide Complex Tachycardia John Ward, MD
ECGs: What ACLS Doesn’t Tell You Robert Noseworthy, MD
Challenging ECG Cases Tony Taylor, MD
Dialyzable Toxins Sophie Gosselin, MD
Sometimes Fat is a Good Thing: Use of Lipid Emulsion in Overdose Chris DeWitt, MD
The Use of High-Dose Insulin Therapy in the Management of Drug Overdose Roy Purssell, MD
Pitfalls in the Management of Recent- Onset Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter Frank Scheuermeyer.MD and Ian Stiell.MD
Improving Recognition and Treatment of Anaphylaxis Anne Ellis, MD and Doug Mack, MD
ECMO: For Cardiac Arrests Done by Emerge Docs Zack Shinar, MD
Blunt Traumatic Urologic Emergencies Joe Haegert, MD
Beyond the Pericardial Effusion Jonathan Theoret, MD
Top 5 at Sea to Sky Jim Goulding, MD
The Best from BEEM Ken Milne, MD & Anthony Crocco, MD
Management of asthma in the Emergency Department: Just the evidence please! Brian Rowe, MD
Acute Respiratory Emergencies: From Young to Old! Ran Goldman, MD
Airway Breathing CT scan “The New Trauma Paradigm?” Aaron Davison, MD
ED CCTA Frank Scheuermeyer, MD
Neuro-Imaging Omar Ahmad, MD
Diabetic Foot and Skin/Skin Structure Infections - Part 1 George Zhanel, MD
Diabetic Foot and Skin/Skin Structure Infections - Part 2 Eddy Lang, MD
Resuscitation 2013 – The Most Important Articles Published in the Past Year Sara Gray, MD and Steven Brooks, MD
Neonatal Disasters Garth Meckler, MD
Pediatric Head Injury – When and when not to CT Philip Hedrei, MD
Top 10 Articles in Pediatric Emergency Medicine Quynh Doan, MD
High Altitude Travel Medicine, Keeping Everyone Happy and Healthy On Your Trip Carolynn Kelly-Smith, MD
Travel Medicine: How to Prepare and Keep Yourself Healthy While Abroad Cimi Achiam, MD
Fracture Ultrasound in Trauma Andrew Skinner, MD
How Can YOUR ED Add Value to Older People’s Care? Jay Banerjee, MD
EDUS for Thoracic Trauma & EDUS Guided Nerve Blocks in Trauma Geoff Sanz, MD
The Future of Care… Farhan Bhanji, MD
Cars, Camels, Al Qaeda and other Traumatic Diseases of the Arabian Peninsula Chris Rumball, MD
XRay? CT? MRI? Clinical Exam?: Clearing C-spines in Unconscious Blunt Trauma Neilson Mclean, MD
Accidental Hypothermia and Avalanche Rescue Doug Brown, MD
Approaches to Cervical Spine and Head Imaging in Children Geoffrey Hung, MD
New Oral Anticoagulants John Ward, MD
Top 5 EMS Hot Topics in EMS Alix Carter, MD
Top 5 Roles of EMS Outside the Ambulance Andrew Travers, MD
Chest Pain Pathways in the ED: Contextually-sensitive EBM-Informed Approaches Eric Hess, MD
2013 NH ACEP's Managing Medical Emergencies (May 1, 2013)
Apneic Oxygenation and Intubation Rich Levitan, MD
Hypothermia - What's next? Norman Paradis, MD
Ultrasound of the Chest in the Emergency Department Robert Hyde, MD
Everything You and the Tooth Fairy Need to Know in Dental Injuries Michael Witt,MD
Papers You Need to Know from the Last Year Kevin Curtis, MD
Managing Chest Pain in the Emergency Department Thomas J. Lydon, MD
Assessment and Management of Substance Abuse Issues in the Emergency Department Benjamin Nordstrom, MD
Assessment and Management of Agitation / Agitation Managment in Children and Adolescents Christine Finn, MD
2013 UC San Diego - Critical Care & Emergency Medicine (April 24 - 28, 2013)
Coma and Disorders of Consciousness in 2013 Romergryko Geocadin, MD
Severe Heart Failure: ICU Management Joseph E. Parrillo, MD
Hemodynamic Monitoring in Septic Shock Anushirvan Minokadeh, MD
ICU Arrhythmias: Identification and Approach to Treatment Nora F. Goldschlager, MD
Case Studies of Necrotizing Infections William T. Browne, MD
Emerging Infectious Diseases of the 21st Century Dennis G. Maki, MD
Bleeding and Coagulation Disorders in the ICU Janice L. Zimmerman, MD
ETCO2, An Innovative and Essential Technology Jay L. Falk, MD
Induced Hypothermia in the Critically Ill William T. Browne, MD
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Update 2013 Wanchun Tang, MD
Myocardial Depression in Septic Shock  Joseph E. Parrillo, MD
Atrial Fibrillation Nora F. Goldschlager, MD
Hypertensive Emergencies Janice L. Zimmerman, MD
Sedation of Patients in the Intensive Care Unit William T. Browne, MD
Evidence-Based Management of Severe Sepsis Dennis G. Maki, MD
Approach to the Shock Patient Joseph E. Parrillo, MD
Indications for Cardiac Pacing Nora F. Goldschlager, MD
Diagnosis and Treatment of Line Sepsis Dennis G. Maki, MD
Pacemaker Emergencies Nora F. Goldschlager, MD
Diagnosis and Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome Joseph E. Parrillo, MD
Management of Meningitis and Encephalitis Dennis G. Maki, MD
Critical Care Management of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Romergryko Geocadin, MD
Approach to the Unresponsive Patient in the ICU Romergryko Geocadin, MD
Pericardial Disease Joseph E. Parrillo, MD
Sepsis Management During the Golden Hours: Update 2013 Emanuel P. Rivers, MD
Acute Management of GI Bleeding Daniel Davis, MD
Prevention and Management of Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia Dennis G. Maki, MD
Critical Care Ultrasound Part II: Evaluation of Shock Elizabeth Turner, MD
Steroids in Shock: Which Way to Go Now and in the Future Emanuel P. Rivers, MD
Evidence-Based Management of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Romergryko Geocadin, MD
Approach to Chest Pain Jay L. Falk, MD
Clinical Approach to Near Drowning Jay L. Falk, MD
Critical Care Ultrasound Part I: General Critical Care Ultrasound Elizabeth Turner, MD
Prognostication in Acute Brain Injury: Consideration in the ICU Romergryko Geocadin, MD
TIA/Stroke 2013 Jay L. Falk, MD
Capnography as a Measure of Perfusion Daniel Davis, MD
Advanced Airway Management Daniel Davis, MD
Respiratory Ultrasound Part I: Introduction to Pulmonary Ultrasound Elizabeth Turner, MD
Respiratory Ultrasound Part II: Advanced Pulmonary Ultrasound Elizabeth Turner, MD
Management of Seizures and Status Epilepticus Romergryko Geocadin, MD
Pharmacology Interventions During CPR Wanchun Tang, MD
Hypothermia During and After Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Wanchun Tang, MD
Advanced Resuscitation Training (ART) Daniel Davis, MD
Management of Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Janice L. Zimmerman, MD
Case Studies in End of Life Care William T. Browne, MD
Pressor Therapy in Resuscitation Daniel Davis, MD
Hyperglycemic Crises Janice L. Zimmerman, MD
Fulminant Hepatic Failure William T. Browne, MD
Extremity Exsanguination in the Treatment of Hemorrhagic Shock David H. Tang, MD
19th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly, Part 2 (February 10-13, 2013)
Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock in the Single-Coverage Community ED Michael Winters, MD
Best of the Best in Cardiology: Recent Articles You've Got to Know! Amal Mattu, MD
The Approach to the Patient with Recent ICD Electrical Shock William J. Brady, MD
Mythbusters: All Patients with a GIB Need a NG Lavage! Autumn C. Graham, MD
Pulmonary Hypertension I to V — What’s the Difference and Why Should I Care? Robert Gordon, MD
My child has a headache and a VP shunt! Evie G. Marcolini, MD
I'm on dabigatran, and I’m bleeding! Michael L. Epter, DO
ECMO…In the ED? John C. Greenwood, MD
LVAD? No Pulses, No Heart Sounds … Aren't You Dead? Robert Gordon, MD
Neuro Critical Care: An Eye on Bleeding and Blood Pressure Evie G. Marcolini, MD
Best Evidence: When Ultrasound Really Makes a Difference! John Christian Fox, MD
Avoiding Hiroshima - Imaging Options that Make Sense Marc D. Haber, MD
Uncommon Radiology Studies That Can Be Uncommonly Helpful Marc D. Haber, MD
I’m SOB and I have an epoprostenol pump John C. Greenwood, MD
I have a headache and I’m 34 weeks pregnant! Michael A. Ybarra, MD
Limb Emergencies 101: The Pulseless Limb and Severed Limbs Kevin G. Rodgers, MD
Best of the Best in Infectious Disease Gregory J. Moran, MD
Updates in Pharmacology & Devices Jason Wagner, MD
Pediatric Misadventures David Nelson, MD
Cellulitis Gone Bad: Flesh-Eating Bacteria Jason R. Knight, MD
When Fever Isn't an Infection Kevin G. Rodgers, MD
19th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly (February 10-13, 2013)
I have cirrhosis and my doctor sent me here for a paracentesis Edward P. Callahan, MD
Attack of the Killer Bands! Cases of Killer Bandemias Robert Rodriguez, MD
AMA Forms: Get Out of Jail Free Card or Worthless Piece of Paper? Larry D. Weiss, MD
Capnography 101: A Better Way to Monitor Sedated Patients in Your ED Michael C. Bond, MD
Cases from the Front Lines of Shock Trauma Thomas M. Scalea, MD
Sinusitis/Bronchitis — Just Give Antibiotics... Ellen Slaven, MD
Is That the Flu or Tularemia: Recognizing Bioterrorism Steve Tantama, MD
But Vasopressors Save Lives! Don’t They? Haney Mallemat, MD
PCN is Obsolete, Right? Ellen Slaven, MD
My IBD flared up Stephen S. Tantama, MD
My legs are swollen Joelle Borhart, MD
Critical Care Quickies: Pearls for the Crashing Patient Michael E. Winters, MD
A Big Problem: The Critically Ill Obese Patient Haney Mallemat, MD
Post-arrest Care: It’s More than Hypothermia Michael E. Winters, MD
A 911 Emergency: Drug Shortages in Your ED Joseph R. Lex, Jr., MD
Decision Instruments for Selective Trauma Imaging Robert Rodriguez, MD
Hanging, Strangulation and Asphyxiation Joseph R. Lex, Jr., MD
From the Field to the ED: Receiving the Agitated Patient from EMS and the Police Scott Goldstein, MD
Intubation with Continuous CPR — Does Video Laryngoscopy "Change the Playing Field" in EM and EMS? Marvin A. Wayne
Rock-a-Bye-Baby: Tips and Tricks for Pediatric Sedation Jennifer Walthall, MD
Heartbreakers: Sick Kids, Congenital Hearts Elizabeth Weinstein, MD
He's out of control. Managing Acute Pediatric Psychosis Jennifer Walthall, MD
Deadly Drops: Syncope That Kills Bart R. Besinger, MD
Z-Packs, fluorquinolones, TMP/SMZ and the dreaded QT Susan Torrey, MD
The 2012 Crashing Patient Conference (November 16, 2012)
The Simple Wound Michael Abraham, MD
Breaking Bad: Orthopaedic Pitfalls Michael C. Bond, MD
Documentation, Communication or Litigation! Rhamin Ligon, MD
Write it Right, Right from the Start: Defensive Charting Larry D. Weiss, M.D. J.D.
Tracheostomy Disasters John C. Greenwood, MD
The Crashing Overdose: Give 'Em Fat! Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD
Amiodarone... Where’s the black box? Amal Mattu, MD
Critical Reading Michael Winters, MD
The Critically Ill Obese Patient Michael Winters, MD
When You Just Can’t Get it Up... Michael Winters, MD
The Crashing Ventilated Patient Haney Mallemat, MD
ABC..Ultrasound! Haney Mallemat, MD
CAEP 2012 Annual Conference (June 3- June 6, 2012)
Diagnostic Imaging in Trauma: What Every Emergency Physician Should Know Dr. Mike Brzozowski
Toxicology: The Science of Anecdotes… Important Toxicological Literature from 2011 Margaret Thompson, MD
What's New in the Management of the Massively Bleeding Trauma Patient Dr. Sandro Rizoli
Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound: The Future is Now Jason Fischer, MD
Diagnostic Reasoning in the ED: Are the Theories Wrong? Jonathan Sherbino, MD
Can We Do Competency Based Education in EM -Aren't We 'All or Nothing? Glen Bandiera, MD
What's New and Important in the Trauma Literature:Case Presentations to the Trauma Panel Dave MacKinnon, MD
Critical Care Ultrasound for the Emergency Physician Robert Arntfield, MD
NNT – ED Treatments That Matter Most Anil Chopra, MD & Suneel Upadhye, MD
Emerg Essentials in Caring for Older Patients: Delirium, Dementia, and Drugs Don Melady, MD
Challenges in ED Ventilation Sara Gray, MD
Changing Trends: Urinary Tract Infection in Pediatrics 2012 Update Rodrick Lim, MD
Bronchiolitis: How should I Manage the Wheezing Infant? Rodrick Lim, MD
Pediatric Pneumonia in the ED: How to Diagnose and Treat? Tim Lynch, MD
Knowledge Translation: What Does It Mean and Why Should We Care? Brian Rowe, MD
Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Implementing Guidelines on the Frontline of EM Care Eddy Lang, MD
Knowledge Translation in Emergency Medicine: Severe Sepsis Christopher Fernandes, MD
Atrial Fibrillation in the ED: Translating Evidence into Practice Indy Ghosh , MD
Identifying Patients Who Should Be Started on Anticoagulant Therapy Michael Sharma, MD
Practical Use of New Oral Anticoagulants John Eikelboom, MD
Improving Resuscitation Outcomes Through High Quality CPR Sheldon Cheskes, MD
Should We Say No to Drugs in Cardiac Arrest or Give a Few Select Ones Early and Hope for the Best? Paul Dorian, MD
Post Cardiac Arrest Managment: Interventions in the ED to Improve Outcomes Steven Brooks, MD
ECMO: For Cardiac Arrests Done by Emergency Physicians Zack Shinar, MD
ED Overcrowding: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go? Dr. Grant Innes, Dr. Brian Rowe & Dr. Jeff Tyberg
The Death Investigation in the Emergency Department Dan Cass, MD
Re-framing Violence as Preventable Carolyn Snider, MD
Clinical Informatics in the Emergency Department: Challenges, Successes, and Lessons Learned Michael Feldman, MD
The Challenges of Developing, Disseminating, and Maintaining Electronic Decision Support Tools Michael Bullard, MD
Lessons and Insights on ED Dashboards David Dushenski, MD
Critical Thinking and Patient Safety in the ED Patrick Croskerry, MD
Patient Safety in Emergency Medicine David Ouellette, MD
EMS STEMI Care Panel Dr. Sheldon Cheskes Dr. John Tallon & Dr. Andrew Travers, MD
Capnography in Cardiac Resuscitation Michelle Welsford, MD
“Over the Falls” Without an In-House Tox Lab Marco Sivilotti, MD
Salt, Spice, and Other Things Nice Ian Ball, MD
18th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly, part 2 (February 8-10, 2012)
Updates in Toxicology Richard Shih
Managing Pericardial Tamponade in the Slowly Crashing Patient Haney Mallemat
Litigation of TPA for CVA - Cases From the Dark Side Daniel J. Sullivan, MD
The Hypotensive Decompensated CHF Patient Kevin Reed, MD
It’s 2012 - CT Angio and CT Perfusion for Acute Stroke? Michael Epter, MD
When XR of the Extremity Isn’t Enough Kevin Rodgers, MD
Pregnancy and RLQ Pain Jacob Ufberg, MD
I Got Something in My Eye Eric Katz, MD
I Have Food Poisoning from That Chinese Place Joseph Bushra, MD
Non-Pregnant Vaginal Bleeding for Two Weeks Joelle Borhart, MD
Pediatric Fever in 2012-Part I Maureen McCollough, MD
Pediatric Fever in 2012-Part 2 Maureen McCollough, MD
Rashes That Are a Must ID Henry Pitzele, MD
Near Misses in Pediatric Imaging Kevin Rodgers, MD
Updates in Critical Care Peter De Blieux, MD
Pediatric Diarrhea, Hematochezia and Constipation: Crap You Need to Know Jennifer Walthall, MD
Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis and Contrast Induced Nephropathy- Really? Samuel Stellpflug, MD
Syncope? Does Anyone Really Need a CT? Lisa Moreno-Walton, MD
26 yo F Psuedoseizure Samuel Stellpflug, MD
14 yo F Pulled from Bottom of Pool Raquel Mora, MD
8 Week Old Child with ALTE Raquel Mora, MD
One Set is Enough Robin Naples, MD and Sassan Naderi, MD
Over the Counter Naloxone Henry Pitzele, MD and Jack Perkins, MD
I Had a Seizure and I’m on Keppra Joseph Martinez, MD
I Pulled Off a Tick Michael Epter, MD
GC, Chlamydia and Trichomonas… Oh My! Joelle Borhart, MD
The Equivocal Arthrocentesis: Who Needs Antibiotics, Admission, the OR? Michael Bond, MD
The Pregnant Patient and VTE Disease: What’s the Best Algorithm for Dx/Tx? Jeff Kline, MD
Cringe inducing triage notes: 34 yo female with paresthesias Haney Mallemat, MD
2012 NH ACEP's Managing Medical Emergencies (May 9, 2012)
Do you still need an IVC pressure or is US the new tool? Eric Martin, MD
Neonatal Shock Emily Zajano, MD
Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV placement Victoria Martin, MD
Five Recent Articles that May (or May not) Change Your Practice Kevin M. Curtis, MD
Therapeutic Emergencies: How to Manage Bleeding While a Patient is Receiving an “Anticoagulant” David Nierenberg, MD
Drug Shortages – Causes, Effects and Clinical Practice John A. Curtis, M.D
First Trimester Vaginal Bleeding TJ Lydon, MD
Hemorrhagic Shock & Current Concepts in Resuscitation Rajan Gupta, MD
Controversies in the Management of Pulmonary Embolism Ryan R. Knapp, MD
Pediatric Literature Review 2011 Michael Witt, MD
Video Laryngoscopes: Which one and where it should fit in your practice? Reed Brozen, MD
18th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly (February 8-10, 2012)
With or Without? What EM Physicians can learn from the Radiologist’s Guidelines Robert McNamara, MD
3rd World Traveller with Fever! What do I do now? Pinaki Mukherji, MD
67 Year Old Female with Blurry Vision Jason Knight, MD
Cardiac Arrest – Turns Out We CAN Do Better: What's the Best Approach to CPR in 2012 Jason T Schaffer, MD
Heparin, Enoxaparin, Eptifibitide, Clopidogrel, Bivalirudin and Good Ole’ ASA: What Works Best and When? Jason T Schaffer, MD
Pediatric Potpourri: Deadly Misses Elizabeth Weinstein, MD
Non-Accidental Trauma Evaluation: How to get it RIGHT: Elizabeth Weinstein, MD
My Nose Won’t Stop Bleeding Harsh Sule, MD
Is there an app for that? Can’s/Cant’s – Apps that will change your practice…. Michael C. Bond, MD
Hypoglycemia and big long do I need to watch? Harsh Sule, MD
This Cough is Driving Me Crazy Sassan Naderi, MD
CT Coronary Angiography Where are we today? Robin Naples, MD
Telemetry in Low Risk Chest Pain: Where is the Evidence? Jack Perkins, MD
Treating the Mercury: Severe Asymptomatic Hypertension Chad Kessler, MD
My febrile patient is on an immunomodulator. Now what? Eric Katz, MD
CT Negative and My Neck Still Hurts Autumn Graham, MD
Procedural Sedation: I can’t use what? Autumn Graham, MD
Do I Really Need A CT Scan for Urolithiasis? Pinaki Mukherji, MD
Massive GI Bleeders: What can/should you do before your consultant arrives? Joseph S. Bushra, MD
Pediatric Bread & Butter: What Every Pediatrician Wishes EM Physicians Knew Jennifer Walthall, MD
Are ABGs Mandatory to Get Into the ICU? Michael Winters, MD
Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac Jason Knight, MD
What Every ER Doc Needs to Know about Newer Anticoagulants and Antiplatelet Drugs Joe Lex, MD
44 F: “My Fibromyalgia is Acting Up Lisa Moreno-Walton, MD
When You Just Can’t Get it Up: Unresponsive Hypotension Michael Winters, MD
17th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly, Part 3 (Feb 28 - March 2, 2011)
Low-Molecular Weight Heparin vs. Unfractionated Heparin: When Does It Matter? Tim Ellender, MD
Is Hypoxemia Dangerous? Heatherlee Bailey, MD
What Are the New Sepsis Biomarkers: Can They Help in the Emergency Department? Michael Winters, MD
Are PPIs Really Better Than H2 Blockers? Jack Perkins, MD
The Liver Transplant Patient: What’s Different? Brian Lin, MD
Complications of In Vitro Fertilization Andrew Johnson, MD
The Rational Clearance for Psychiatric Care: Leslie Zun, MD
Why an EM Physician Is Ideal for Directing Disaster Relief Andrew Johnson, MD
Literature Update: Cardiology Amal Mattu, MD
Literature Update: Neurology Jim Roberts, MD
Literature Update: Infectious Disease Arjun Chanmugam, MD
What Does “Questionable Loss of Consciousness” Mean? (Retrograde vs. Anterograde Amnesia) Chad Kessler, MD
Reversing Anticoagulants in the Patient with Brain Trauma Kevin Rodgers, MD
Pain Management in the Addicted Patient: Now What? Sergey Motov, MD
How Effective Are Non-Opioid Pain Relievers? Larry Raney, MD
My Vented Patient is still Hypoxemic Peter DeBlieux, MD
Sub Q Hydration: Should We Be Doing It? Dave Nelson, MD
My Kid is Peeing Blood Elizabeth Weinstein, MD
PCV-13 Vaccine: What Does it Mean for Fever Without a Source Andrea Marmor, MD
Scary: The Sickle Cell Child in Shock Elizabeth Weinstein, MD
CAEP 2011 Annual Conference (June 4th - 8th, 2011)
Controversies in Atrial Arrythmias Frank Scheuermeyer, MD
Challenging Cardiac Cases Eric Letovsky, MD
Fever in the Returning Traveler Rob Stenstrom, MD
The High Rick Transient Ischemic Attack Devin Harris, MD
International Perspective on Credentialing and Certification for Sonography Paul Atkinson, MD
What Now? Ventilation…Know your knobs Rob Green, MD
The Febrile Infant: Current Strategies Karen JL Black, MD
Triage of Children in the Emergency Department Jocelyn Gravel, MD
“Tube Out” ED Extubation (on purpose) John Ross, MD
Populations At Risk-Pediatrics Daniel Kollek, MD
The Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale for Children Jocelyn Gravel, MD
Pediatric Airway Management Chris Soder, MD
Reducing Waits: Improving Quality Matthew Cooke, PhD
Management of Acute Pediatric Pain in the Emergency Department Sarah Curtis, MD
Sudden Unexpected Death: Integrating Resuscitation and Post Resuscitation Care Jim Christensen, MD
Management of recent onset atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter in the emergency department Laurent Macle, MD
Opioids – Treating Exposures and Dependence – An Update for the ED Physician Timothy J. Wiegand, MD
Recent Advances in the Management of Gastroenteritis: Beyond Oral Rehydration Therapy Stephen Freedman, MD
Choice of Antidotes: Need Deep Thought or Decisive Decision-Making Thomas E. Kearney, PharmD
Oral Anticoagulant Therapy: An Incoming Tide Mark Crowther
Dopamine’s Tombstone Tony Best, MD
Research in Emergency Ultrasound Paul Atkinson, MD
Antimicrobial Myths Peter J. Zed, PharmD.
Deep Discoveries: Treating Respiratory Infections is the ED Brian H. Rowe, MD
MRSA – What Gives? Heather Murray, MD
Assessing Cognition in the ED: Prospective Validation of the Ottawa 3DY Cove Finding Tool Laura Wilding, RN
The Importance of Research Teams Brian H. Rowe, MD
Contaminated Street Drugs Roy Purssell
Guidelines and COSTR Changes and Controversies David Markenson, MD
Maternal Cardiac Arrest and Perimortem Caesarean Delivery Stephanie Cooper, MD
Top 10 Clinical Sonography Papers of 2010 James Worrall, MD
Tick Tock…Time Sensitive Interventions in Resuscitation Sara Gray, MD
17th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly, Part 2 (Feb 28 - March 2, 2011)
Does Antibiotic Choice Change Outcomes in Sepsis? Gorillacillin and Cephakillemol: Who Needs Big Gun Antibiotics? Evie Marcolini, MD
Does Pressor Choice or Use Change Outcomes in Sepsis? Evie Marcolini, MD
What Does CORTICUS Tell Us About Steroids and Sepsis? Michael Winters, MD
CPAP and BiPAP? Who Might I Hurt? Why Would I Choose One Over the Other? Pre-Hospital? Heatherlee Bailey, MD
Is This Really Peritonitis? Angela Mills, MD
Who Really Needs an NG Tube? Angela Mills, MD
Can I Diagnose SBP Without Tapping the Belly? Tim Ellender, MD
Do Prophylactic Antibiotics Make Any Difference in Wounds? Ingrid Lim, MD
Saline vs. NAC vs. Bicarb vs. Vitamin C: How Important Is CIN? Can We Prevent It in the ED? Joe Lex, MD
HyperK: What Really Works? Harsh Sule, MD
Is Head Injury Protection RSI a Myth? Brian Lin, MD
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: All You Need to Know in the Emergency Department Chandra Aubin, MD
Should We Be Using Agonist-Antagonist Pain Meds in the Emergency Department? Larry Raney, MD
My Colleague Is Back from Rehab: How Should I Act? Karl Nibbelink, MD
18 y/o Male: “Stabbed in chest just lost pulse.” (EMS call) Christopher Lee, MD
6 week old: “Seizing for the past 30 minutes” Maureen McCollough, MD
24 y/o Female; “Caught in house fire.” Chandra Aubin, MD
2 y/o old: “He took some of grandma’s pills.” Maureen McCollough, MD
55 y/o Male: “CP recent negative stress test.” Amal Mattu, MD
Understanding Diagnostic Testing David Newman, MD
17th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly, Part 1 (Feb 28 - March 2, 2011)
Should We Be Using Tranexamic Acid in Trauma Patients? Lisa Moreno-Walton, MD
Do “Belly Labs” Ever Help? Jack Perkins, MD
Who Really Needs a Rectal Exam? Chad Kessler, MD
Belly Pain in the Immunocompromised: Does This Change Everything? Ingrid Lim, MD
Abscess Treatment: Who Needs Antibiotics? Who Needs Repacking? Can We Do Primary Closure? Harsh Sule, MD
Bell’s Palsy: Steroids? Antivirals? Both? Neither? Lisa Moreno-Walton, MD
Fine Tuning Treatment of the Injured Brain: Position Sugar Temperature Blood Pressure Bart Besinger, MD
Which Neck Injuries Require Vascular Imaging? Scott Melanson, MD
I Suspect My Colleague Is Using Drugs: What Should I Do? Karl Nibbelink, MD
“My Doctor Is on Vacation and I Ran Out of Percocet.” Dealing with Suspected Drug Diverters Sergey Motov, MD
9 y/o Female: (Mother) “I think her father is abusing her.” Karen Santucci, MD
7 y/o Female: “Can’t swallow voice sounds funny.” Karen Santucci, MD
Literature Update: Critical Care Peter DeBlieux, MD
84 y/o Female: “Weak and dizzy.” Manish Garg, MD
19 y/o Female: Pregnant “Foot sticking out of vagina” Kevin Reed, MD
I Think This Patient is Sick but I Can’t Prove It Peter DeBlieux, MD
Chicken Pox: Who Gets Treated Manish Garg, MD
Which Pancreatitis Patient Needs CT Scanning? Scott Melanson, MD
Subtle Radiographs with Major Implications Bart Besinger, MD
24 y/o Female: Vaginal bleeding 34 weeks pregnant Kevin Reed, MD
Beyond the Obvious; What CT Findings Preclude the Use of tPA in Acute Ischemic Strokes Michael Epter, MD
4 week old: “He’s not breathing right” Ghazala Sharieff, MD
Mononucleosis: New Look at an Old Problem Andrea Marmor, MD
Special ED Considerations for the Dysmorphic or Syndromic Child Dave Nelson, MD
Why Do We Treat for Strep Throat? David Newman, MD
2010 North York General Hospital's EM Update, Toronto CA (May 6 - 8, 2010)
How the Experts Think - Critical Care Dr. Sara Gray and Dr. Dan Howes
How the Experts Think - Cardiology Amal Mattu, MD and Simon Kingsley, MD
How the Experts Think - Trauma Dr. Mike Betzner and Dr. Jeff Plant
The Crashing Asthmatic Dr. Amal Mattu
2010 NH ACEP's Managing Medical Emergencies (May 3, 2010)
Five Articles that May (or may not) Change Your Practice Kevin Curtis, MD
Excited Delirium: What it Means to ED Providers- Part 1 TJ Lydon, MD
Excited Delirium: What it Means to ED Providers - Part 2 TJ Lydon, MD
The Heart of the Matter: Cardiac Ultrasound Bethany Bishop Daniels, MD
What Not To Transfer: “I don’t want em, You keep em.” Paul H. Kispert, MD
Acute Vertigo in the ED: A Stroke Neurologist’s Perspective Timothy Lukovits, MD
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Maryland ACEP Annual EM Conference (April 16, 2010)
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16th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly, Part 2 (February 15 - 17, 2010)
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5th Mediterranean EM Congress, Lecture Set Part 1 (September 14-17, 2009)
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Lipid Antidote Richard Shih, MD
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5th Mediterranean EM Congress, Lecture Set Part 2 (September 14-17, 2009)
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Penile/Scrotal Trauma David Peak, MD
Special Consideration in the Renal Transplant Patient Alberto Perez, MD
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Evidence-Based Antidote Stocking Guidelines in the US Tammi Schaeffer, DO
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2009 NJ ACEP Conference (May 12, 2009)
2008-9 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Literature Review Richard Cantor, MD
Evaluation of the Acute Cerebrovascular Patient Erol Veznedaroglu, MD
Induced Hypothermia After Anoxic Brain Injury Marc Grossman MD
2009 NH ACEP Symposium (May 11, 2009)
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CEP America 2009 EM Conference (May 7-8, 2009)
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Emergency Care of the Elderly Pearls and Pitfalls Amal Mattu, MD
Pulmonary Embolism - How to Protect Your Patients and your ASSets Robert Rogers, MD
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15th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly (March 2-4, 2009)
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Pacemakers and ICDs: Short Circuit of the Electronic Heart Ingrid Lim, MD
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2008 Ohio ACEP Summer Symposium (July 23, 2008)
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2008 Giant Steps in Emergency Medicine (July 20-24, 2008)
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14th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly (February 15, 2008)
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